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There are many books, articles, handbooks, essays, blogs, etc that relate to interpretation. This is an ever growing list of resources for further reading to learn more about interpretation in its many forms.

Sometimes our newsletter runs a bit long and we have more articles than can fit into a manageable file. Here you will find some articles that were too large to include in previous newsletters.

Our April 2015 blog, What The QR, focused on the use of QR codes in interpretation – the best, the worst, and how to include them in your own projects. Check out our guide here for more info:

7 Tips for QR Codes in Interpretation

North Head Site Interpretation – Summer 2013

The DOC Interpretation Handbook and Standard (2005) is a ‘how to’ guide developed for DOC staff, volunteers and concessionaires involved in interpretation. Developed for staff and DOC associates, the Interpretation Handbook and Standard provides best practice guidance about communicating clearly, planning interpretation, and guided and self-guided techniques. The handbook can be downloaded as a series of PDF files or you can buy printed copies from DOC Science Publishing.

Some books that might be of interest are:

Beck, L, Cable,T. (1998) Interpretation for the 21st Century: Fifteen guiding principles for interpreting nature and culture. Sagamore Publishing. ISBN 1571671331

Carter, J. (ed.) (1997) A Sense of Place: an interpretive planning handbook. Tourism and Environment Initiative, Inverness (no ISBN Available) Download PDF sofp.pdf.

Ham, S. (1992) Environmental interpretation: a practical guide for people with big ideas and small budgets. North America Press. ISBN 1 555919022

Pierssene, A (1999) Explaining our World: an approach to the art of environmental interpretation. E & F Spon. ISBN 041921940

Uzzell, D. (1989) Heritage Interpretation Volumes I and II. Methuen, London. Vol 1 ISBN 1852930772. Vol 2 ISBN 1852930780

Uzzell, D, Ballantyne, R. (1998) Contemporary Issues in Heritage and Environmental Interpretation. London – Stationery Office. ISBN 0112905722

Veverka, J. (1994) Interpretive Master Planning. Falcon Press. ISBN 1560442743

Zehr, J, Gross, M, and Zimmerman, R. (1992) Creating environmental publications: a guide to writing and designing for interpreters and environmental educators. University of Wisconsin. ISBN 0932319133

If you know of other resources not included here, please send them in.

Interpreting the heritage of New Zealand